Last Saturday was my last gig in charge at Music Room – very sad, but I know I’m leaving it in capable hands – for proof of this, see video highlights below – all the performers are under 18, as were all of the crew that did the stage management, sound, lighting and the video (watch on youtube to get full experience of the ‘hub’)!

So after nearly three years, I’ve moved on from running Music Room for YMCA London South West. I had a great time building it up, creating the studio and recruiting a fantastic team to help out. Also been a privilege to work as part of a much larger organisation (something I’ve not done before), and given the unique purpose and history of the YMCA, it certainly creates a great community atmosphere in which to work.

But running the tuition stuff as well as various musical projects has meant that I didn’t quite have the hours I needed to put into it, so better to hand over to someone with the hours and fresh enthusiasm for the project. I still hope to be around at the odd gig night though!