I have a list of over 400 songs that I know well and have taught before. All of the music/tabs are checked for accuracy and many of the songs I have arranged or edited myself. You can view the complete list here – they are currently sorted by genre. You can also download the full spreadsheet to view in Excel.

I’ve also written several resources on strumming patterns, fingerpicking patterns, scales, arpeggios, chord theory, 12 bar blues theory and improvisation tips. I have a series of ‘riff sheets’ containing 20 of the most popular simple riffs in rock/pop that are an extremely fun to work through. I’ve also got a collection of hundreds of short lead guitar licks, demonstrating various techniques and scale types.

Finally, I often work out songs on request and really enjoy playing pupil-requested tunes that I wouldn’t have otherwise have played. I’ve discovered a lot of great songs that way!

Contemporary guitar (particularly electric) is not designed as a solo instrument so for the vast majority of songs I teach, we will play along with backing tracks. At the end of the lesson, I’ll email these to you at a manageable speed/tempo for your practice at home.