Loop Project Demos

Dan creates layered instrumental music entirely composed of sounds from a live acoustic guitar. Playing the guitar as a drum or even with a violin bow, he uses a variety of effects and samplers to create textured loops reminiscent of downtempo electronic music.

Demos only. All sounds are played entirely live on an acoustic guitar (and manipulated using the sampler, with automated looping and effects). These songs are set to private, so only appear on this page for now. Please don’t share.


Gigs 2022

  • Thur 14th April – Oval Tavern, Croydon – with Dave Sears Band and John O’Reilly
  • Sat 16th April – Escape Bar, Dalston – with Of Kings and Captains
  • Sun 29th May – Progressive Arts Collective Open Mic (featured set) – Ram Jam Records, Kingston (raising money for Mind – mental health awareness)
  • Sat 2nd July – Belgian Brasserie, Merton Abbey Mills, Colliers Wood – with Sarah Dearlove
  • Fri 19th August – Belgian Brasserie, Merton Abbey Mills, Colliers Wood – with Luke Godwin
  • Fri 16th September – Bread & Roses, Clapham – with Yaz
  • Thur 6th October – Oval Tavern, Croydon – with Tom Johnson
  • Friday 11th November – Brasserie Vonne, Balham – live set & DJ set (with live looping)
Oval Tavern Gig Poster